Kaiju auto industries

creating legends

Striving to create the very best in automotive tuning and fabrication. Our goal is to be your ultimate supplier for Aftermarket Parts and ECU Tuning.

Ever since I was a child I only ever wanted to improve things, make them better. From taking apart radio controlled cars to working on my own car as an adult.

Knowing that my hands, these hands can do incredible things, it grew into a passion. I want to be the best, I want my name to be known. Everyone always hears about these fabled JDM tuners in japan, the pioneers back when technology was limited. In todays era, remarkable things are being developed everyday and I am striving to be at the front of that train.

KAI is not just a name, it is a belief, a dream, a horror, it is about creating the monstrous legends that no one will ever forget. It is about unleashing our imagination to achieve what no one thought possible.

KAI is dedicated to building a stronger community with the goal of improving all aspects of life. Giving back and feeling acceptance are very important to us. Understanding that we are all in this together.  We do not just want to make the best vehicles but the communities we live in as well. Enriching our neighborhoods through charity events and district cleanups, we believe we can bring not just auto enthusiasts together, but our neighbors and friends. 

What is the inspiration behind Kaiju Auto Industiries?

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